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About the OnjMe URL Shortening Helper

The OnjMe URL Shortening Helper is an application that sits in the System Tray on your Windows® computer, providing you with childishly-simple access to the services provided by The OnjMe URL Shortener.

Downloading the OnjMe URL Shortening Helper

Because we like our own service, the following OnjMe-powered Short URL can be used to download the OnjMe Helper setup application:

Operating the OnjMe URL Shortening Helper

  1. Download and run the OnjMe URL Shortening Helper setup program, obviously!
  2. After the installation finishes, it will open up the Start Menu folder where it installed the Helper's features into.
  3. Double-click (or Open) the "OnjMe App" item that was installed in the Start Menu.
  4. The first thing that will happen will be that the application will attempt to update itself over the Internet. This will involve a MS-DOS (Console) window opening for a few seconds while the latest version is downloaded, using the bundled version of the open source "WGET" program. Once that is finished properly, the OnjMeApp program will be launched, and an item for it will be placed in your system tray.
  5. When you want to shorten a URL, you can either copy it to your clipboard, and the Helper will walk you through a guided shortening, or you can press Ctrl+Windows+F11 to go through a manually-started shortening.
  6. Once you've lost your mind, and want to close the Helper, you can press Ctrl+Windows+F12.